Module 5: If I am caught for plagiarism or cheating, what will happen to me?

If you are caught for any type of cheating, whether it is plagiarism, cheating in a test or exam, faking your results, or some other academic misconduct, you will face sanctions (or penalties). Depending on the nature of your academic misconduct, you will go through one of two possible processes and face different consequences.

5.1 What happens if I am caught cheating at UOIT?

All forms of cheating are academic dishonesty. If you commit academic dishonesty, depending on the severity (and frequency) of your offence(s) you could: fail your assignment, fail your course or even be suspended from your program, your faculty, or UOIT for up to three years, during which time you won't be able to transfer any credits earned at another university during your suspension towards any UOIT degree requirements or receive any funds from the university. You could also be placed on disciplinary probation for the remainder of your program. Offences are kept on file in the Registrar's Office, but more serious offences will also be recorded on your transcript for at least three years. After three years, you can appeal to have the notation on your transcript removed.

That sounds pretty bad. What's the process for dealing with alleged cheaters here at UOIT?

Well, every case is different, but your Professor might talk to you about the allegation first to determine all the facts. Lesser Offences (first offence on an assignment worth 25% or less of the total course grade) are dealt with by the course professor or instructor. Major Offences, however, are dealt with by the Dean (or Dean's representative) of the Faculty in which the course is offered. Most Faculties have an Academic Integrity Committee that represents the Dean in dealing with academic misconduct.


*Note: during the review and investigation of the offence, you cannot drop the course in which the offence took place. Until a decision is made, you should continue to register and attend all classes as usual.


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