Who can help me? What should I do if I experience any problems and I am tempted to cheat?

The best plan is to avoid getting yourself into trouble by planning your time and working hard. UOIT has lots of student support services for students struggling with difficult issues.

For example, Student Accessibility Services can help if you have a learning or physical disability. If you are feeling depressed, stressed or anxious, the Student Mental Health Services can help. Outreach Services at DC & UOIT's Student Association have a women's centre, space for LGBTQ support, and a food bank, among other services. For advice on planning your timetable, which courses to take, whether you should drop a course, and so on, you can also talk to an Academic Advisor in your Faculty. In addition, TAs or Professors can be helpful. If you're having trouble with developing skills in analytical reading, writing, paraphrasing, or data interpretation, the university's Student Learning Center can provide help.



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