5.5 How are Lesser Offences dealt with?

My TA has told me that I have some plagiarism in my essay and that I have to meet with the professor. What is going to happen?

Lesser Offences are dealt with by the course instructor. The instructor must report the offence to the Dean and to the Registrar's Office. The instructor will meet with the student to discuss the problem. If it is a Lesser Offence, the instructor will impose a sanction (or penalty) appropriate to the situation. A sanction might be a deduction in your grade, a requirement to rewrite the assignment, or a zero on the assignment. You will also be asked to sign a form that outlines the circumstances. By signing the form, you are stating that you understand that what you did was academic misconduct and that you agree to the sanction. The report is kept on file for 3 years, but no notation is made on your transcript. If you disagree with the instructor, you may choose not to sign the form and have the case heard by the Faculty's Academic Integrity Committee.


NOTE: If you commit another act of misconduct, it will be your second (or more) offence and the sanction(s) will be more severe.



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